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Marking 400 years since Shakepeare's death, Repertory presents one of his great tragedies

King Lear, growing old and too tired to reign, decides to divide his realm amongst his three daughters, leaving the largest share to the one who loves him the most. His two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan -both monstrous and deceitful - are rewarded for their insincere flattery. His youngest daughter, Cordelia, however, speaks honestly and truthfully, which enrages the old man so much that he disinherits her.

But Lear is soon to find out just how much love Goneril and Regan really have for him!

Director Julian Anderson and the Repertory company bring you a Lear for our times with a post-modern corporate setting, stylish outfits that are part catwalk part sci-fi, and Lear himself presented very much as an aging oligarch from a sinister and foreboding parallel-present or near-future.

Come along and experience this ultimate tragedy of filial betrayal and witness the poignancy and relevance this iconic play still has four centuries after Shakespeare’s death.

Performance dates 24-27 Aug, 31 Aug-3 Sept, 7-9 Sept
All performances start 7.30 pm


Principal Cast

Lear - Michael Adams
Gonerill - Annette Thomson
Regan - Emma Price
Cordelia - Ella Wallace
Albany - Andrew Bell
Cornwall - Lance McBride
Gloucester - Dimitri Gibara
Kent - Roanna Dalziel
Edmund - John Bayne
Edgar - Noam Wegner
Fool - Emily Twemlow
Oswald - Raoul Neave

Supporting Cast

Wilma Magorimbo
Pim van Duin
Oscar Maslowski
Duncan MacGregor-Muckart
Gina Leslie
Laura Harper
Julian Carroll
Carol Carr
Alisdair Muir

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